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We're a team of passionate tech experts, startups founders, and social changemakers who care about teaching and coaching technology through play.  One of our core partner programs is Play4Tomorrow, where our youth learn design thinking and technology for free online.

So what is design thinking?
Taught in institutions like Stanford University, design thinking is both an active and cognitive process encouraging solution-focused forms of learning, decision-making, creative problem solving, prototyping, and user-testing to guide entrepreneurs in creating game-changing designs, products, services, and social movements.

How does this relate to youth?
Working with partners like Play4tomorrow, we engage in high-performance design thinking sessions with middle school, high school, and university students worldwide. We know that instilling design thinking principles in youth equips them with critical life skills that will be immensely valuable irrespective of the path they choose. Developing a mastery in solutions-focused thinking at an early age can truly empower a young person to lead an inspired life; innovating positively for themselves and the greater community at large.

What’s the catch about ‘Play’?
All partner programs are rooted in play.  Our studies have shown that the greatest learning and innovations are birthed in these environments. Students entering our partner programs a are encouraged to be their most authentic selves, following their “callings” on what they want to innovate. While students are learning to discover their own passions, they inspire all of us to imagine a better world for future generations.

-Miles Dorosin
President, Rocketship Foundation

Youth First

Tomorrow belongs to those that dream today. We live this value.


Tech takes great thinking and discipline. Obstable is the way.


Cooperation, competition, and challenge. Always having fun!

"Empowering all young people to design their lives and engineer the future through entrepreneurship and play!"

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